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Our corporate culture is based on trust, emotional connection with the brand and a sense of satisfaction in everyday professional life. We are distinguished in the good sense of the word persistence and a special fusion of character - activity, perseverance and positive thinking.
We know that our pace and quality of work depend on the overall outcome of the teamwork, the positive resolution of the client and the development of COUNSEL as a whole. We are not afraid to set ourselves ambitious goals and try to find the best ways to solve them. At the same time, we do not make spontaneous recommendations and think through plausible scenarios ahead.

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The tax authorities drew up a protocol and threatened a large fine with the confiscation of a batch of ATVs. The lawyers of the company quickly closed the case through the court, now I advise them in everything.

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He worked in an elite medical clinic in Kiev from which he was fired for the personal reasons of the director. Glory to the lawyers, the court of appeal recognized the dismissal as unlawful and recovered from the clinic a salary for the entire time of forced absence and good moral damage. Very nice result !!!

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Concluded a contract with a counterparty for the installation of sophisticated equipment. For a long time there were problems with financing, due to which the installation deadlines were delayed, then the customer imposed additional agreements for space late fees, which I signed by mistake of my lawyers. Having worked on four volumes of the story with the counterparty, COUNSEL lawyers prepared a crushing claim, after which the customer went to the world and paid a penalty. Sooo happy!

Do not give documents from the Institute to them. The pilgrims demanded a bribe of two thousand dollars. The next day, Dmitry from COUNSEL had a conversation with my dean and on the same day they gave me all the documents. I don’t know what he told him, but it’s very cool.

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Gave a friend a serious amount to start a business, of course he did not give anything. A lawsuit was filed very quickly and a decision was made to recover the debt from fines, inflation and legal aid costs. He also recently turned to COUNSEL for the division of property. Thanks, real pros.