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COUNSEL provides a full range of services in the field of family law, including legal advice, drawing up contracts that adjust family and inheritance relations. The company also provides maintenance of procedures for out-of-court settlement of disputes, representation in courts and other government agencies accompanies the execution of court decisions.

The lawyers of the company understand the specifics of the practice of family law. Besides, they take into account the influence of the emotions of the parties on the process. Moreover, the advocates consider the significant consequences of all legal decisions on the future life of the client, and thereby, individually approach each case. We analyze the situation and the wishes of the client at large, as well as offer the most comfortable and effective solution.

High-quality and timely legal assistance in matters of family relations will help to save energy, time and money, and sometimes to find a way out of the conflict situation at the initial stage in a peaceful way, without developing a conflict.


Divorce proceedings

  • Consultation;
  • Divorce through the court;
  • Divorce through registry office;
  • Annulment of marriage;
  • Assistance of a gestalt therapist (psychologist) for reconciling the parties;
  • Eviction of ex-husband (wife);

Child cases

  • Consultation;
  • Determining the place of residence of the child;
  • Adoption of a child;
  • Deprivation of parental rights;
  • Establishment or appeal of paternity;
  • Exit permit for a child;
  • Change of the surname of the child;
  • Agreement on the procedure of the upbringing and maintenance of children;

Child maintenance

  • Consultation;
  • Recovery of child support;
  • Change of the sum of the child support;
  • Exemption from alimony payment;
  • Alimony debt recount.
Prenuptial agreement (contract)

Division of property of spouses

  • Consultation;
  • Division of property within common-law marriage;
  • Division of property within registered marriage;
  • Agreement on voluntary division of property.
Establishment of the fact of residence of individuals by one family

Application of a restraining or restrictive order to the abuser in the family

  • Consultation;
  • Restraining order;
  • Restrictive order;
Family Subscription Services for all arising legal issues