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Administrative cases

None as an individual can protect himself from contacts with government authorities. At the same time, communication with public servants is characterized by many bureaucratic procedures, inequality, a complex hierarchical structure of officials, the application of administrative penalties, and ongoing disputes.

The most frequent administrative cases faced by individuals are administrative offenses related to driving (including drunk driving, traffic accidents, speeding, going into the oncoming lane, and so on). If necessary, an administrative lawyer will go to the scene of the incident, get acquainted with the materials of the administrative case, and provide a full range of services to protect your interests.


Representation and protection of the interests of the client in cases of administrative offenses in the courts and other public authorities
Collection and formation of the necessary evidence base for maximum protection of the client’s position in the case
The appeal of the decree on matters of administrative offenses
Drawing up and submission to the court of all types of procedural documents
The appeal in courts and other bodies of illegal actions (inaction) of officials