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Creation and launch of a business

When creating a business, a thoughtful and safe launch of all future processes is essential. First, everyone needs to think about the main components of a successful business launch: meticulous planning, capital, organization, and maintenance of further business processes. At the start of the business, the owner does not have a legal service, so the involvement of our advisers will further achieve the goals of the company.

COUNSEL specialists will help you set up all business processes, put the business on its feet, and ensure security for its future work.


Business Planning

  • development of strategies for starting a business, which includes an analysis of the legislative framework, tax and legal practices in the market and the construction of a strategic “road map;”
  • legal assessment of the planned activity: analysis of the options of legal form, corporate structure and legislation in the preparation of the contract base;
  • advice on the choice of serving banks and on insurance issues
  • tax advice;

Legal support of business activities

  • registration of companies, representative offices, branches, non-resident legal entities, public organizations, financial institutions;
  • development of a management base – charters, memoranda, shareholder agreements, report of shareholders and other documents;
  • obtaining permits and licensing;
  • recruiting, staff clearance;
  • accounting, management and tax reporting;
  • representation in government;

Formation of legal service

  • development of internal regulations and instructions on the work of the legal department;
  • development of a contractual framework – partnership agreements, codes of corporate ethics, labor contracts, anti-corruption policies, internal regulations, instructions;
  • recruiting and registration of legal personnel.