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Credit agreement

Applying to a specialist for help regarding the credit legal relationship aids borrowers who are not familiar with the legal details of loan relationships, not to become victims of violations of the law by banking institutions. Consultation on the bank and other loans will help prevent mistakes, protect yourself from fraud and abuse. The most common problem when obtaining a loan is a voluminous loan agreement with a vast number of incomprehensible terms and wordings. In most cases, borrowers sign such contracts without burdening themselves with reading, and afterward, they complain about unfavorable credit conditions, high payments, debt growth, and penalties.

Please do not panic and take the bank’s position at face value, since it often does not correspond to reality in the following cases:

  • If you have received a claim or an action for early repayment of a debt and penalty (a fine, a late payment interest);
  • If your property was seized;
  • If you got an increased interest rate on loan;
  • If they do not want to remove the encumbrance of property and require the guarantor to return the money.

In disputes with banks, there are many legitimate ways to solve the emerged problem.


Dispute settlement agreement
Postponement of execution of a court decision or restructuring
Termination of the loan agreement
Annulment of a loan agreement, recognition of it as worthless
Invalidation of a contract of suretyship, mortgage agreement, outpost agreement
Reduction of the penalty (a fine, a late payment interest)
The appeal of the results of tenders for the sale of the property