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Acceptance of inheritance, disputes regarding the distribution of inheritance property – these are life situations that sooner or later, most people will have to face, even those whose activities are far from jurisprudence. These are life situations when, despite the emotional state, it is necessary to adhere to all the nuances of the legal inheritance procedure. Besides, it is essential to comply with the timing of the adoption of the inheritance. Given the high cost of inheritance property – timely legal assistance becomes extremely necessary.

In Ukraine, the property can be inherited by law or by will. For the possibility of inheritance by law, it is essential to belong to one of the six lines of heirs. In addition to this, testament heirs can be anyone, regardless of family relationship. A will, if one exists, has an advantage over the general order: if there is a will, the lines of the heirs lose their meaning. Several categories of persons are entitled to a mandatory share in the inheritance, although their names are not marked in the will.

To inherit the property in reality, and not just on paper, to become the owner of the appropriate part of the property, to enter into the rights and obligations, you need to accept the inheritance. However, in the procedure, there are a vast number of details, nuances, and other ‘pitfalls.’ Legal services regarding legacy will protect you from these risks.


Acceptance of inheritance
Recognition of ownership of inheritance property in a judicial proceeding
The establishment of facts that are relevant to the adoption of the legacy
Determination of an additional period for acceptance of the inheritance
Appealing against the will
Elimination of heirs from the right of legacy
Change of the order of inheritance