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Undoubtedly, one of the essential objects of ownership – is the land, and therefore it often becomes the cause of serious conflicts that erupt between entities who claim the right to own and use it. Most often, the resolution of land disputes requires qualified legal assistance. Our experts will advise you on buying and selling, lease, and privatization operations.

A land lawyer will also be necessary if there are difficulties with the registration of the land, in the preparation of letters and complaints to various authorities. Qualified help is also indispensable if it becomes necessary to resolve disputes related to the division of land.


Invalidation of state title acts to the land
Annulment of the refusal to consider citizens' applications for the privatization of land
Resolution of the disputes related to land lease
Forced termination of the right to the parcel of land
Invalidation of contracts of buying and selling, gift, exchange, rent of the parcel of land
The return of the squatted land plot or the liberation of the land plot by a person holding it without proper reason