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Legal Outsourcing

Subscriber legal services (support) – this is the support of the company on legal issues that may arise in the process of conducting business activities. Legal support of your company’s

operations will help to avoid making the wrong decisions that can damage the financial state of the company.

Unlike lawyers who join in one-time, the specialists of our law firm will understand the essence of the problem much faster since when undertaking subscription services, we study information about the company and assess risks. Therefore, we do not need to examine the situation further.

Having ordered a subscription service in our company, you will receive several advantages, namely:

  1. Subscriber legal services will significantly reduce your costs because you will not need to hire a legal adviser. At the same time, a whole team of lawyers will be engaged in servicing your business.
  2. We do not go on vacation, do not get sick, and are not released.
  3. There is no obligation to bear the additional costs that are stipulated by the labor legislation: payment of salary, vacation pay, sick leave, etc.
  4. The presence of qualified lawyers in different branches of law allows us to participate in solving a wide range of your problems in the field of jurisprudence. Our experts will not only advise you but also directly help in resolving legal issues that arise during the conduct of company activities.
  5. The cost of legal services in the framework of legal subscription services is lower than when ordering such a service


Subscriber legal support of business

  • oral and written consultations;
  • selection of regulatory legal acts on the posed question;
  • verification and analysis of the legal documentation of the company, legal examination of documents;
  • preparation of written texts;
  • changes in the statutory documents and their registration with regulatory authorities;
  • participation in negotiations.


  • Basic
  • 10 000
    10 hours of a lawyer work per month
  • Standard
  • 18 000
    20 hours of a lawyer work per month
  • Expanded
  • 32 000
    40 hours of a lawyer work per month
  • Maximum
  • 40 000
    60 hours of lawyer work per month

Separately paid services:

  • participation in the legal proceeding;
  • obtaining permits;
  • enforcement of judgments;
  • criminal process;

Entrust us with legal support for your company, and you can start your own business without being distracted by formal procedures.